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Strength, Inc. manufactures quality weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment. We have over 42 years experience in custom fitness gym equipment. We offer several different machines such as free weights, selectorized and plate loads, all designed to give you the very best results. Whether you are looking for personal work out equipment or building a complete gym, we have the weight lifting and workout equipment that you can't be without. Strength, Inc. is well known for it's quality and precision and can be found throughout schools, prisons, fitness gyms and homes across the United States.

My training partner Tom O’Riordan, a New York City Court Officer and Court Officer for the entire eight-year run of the nationally distributed The Judge Hatchett Show is brutally strong and typical of the hard core athlete that must have the safest equipment capable of withstanding the highest level of abuse. His summary about STRENGTH EQUIPMENT says all that needs to be said; “This equipment is unreal. I want to come in and train until I drop and I know each piece will go as far as I can take it. It looks great, feels great, we should have had this stuff long ago.” I can only agree.

- Dr. Ken Leistner (READ FULL REVIEW)

If there is an item not shown on the website that you are looking for, call or email. Chances are we have or still do make it. We also build custom items. Call or email if you want an item custom built or a slight design change to meet your needs.


Over 42 years designing and building
Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment

"I started building equipment, my own equipment, from the age of 14. I built my own equipment for my gym at age 18. In 1972, I ran my first ads in Iron Man Magazine and started building equipment and shipping it all over the USA. In all those years, I have hand built equipment for Golds Gyms, World Gyms, Powerhouse Gyms, schools, military gyms, corporations, bodybuilders, powerlifters and individuals with home and commercial gyms.

The designs change on a continuing basis to update and add a new ideas and improvements. The equipment is very heavy duty and functional to meet the needs of various users. I hope you will let me show you the quality of work that I do."

Stephen DeWitt
Owner, Designer and Builder




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